Three Advertisement Composite - Riedel Wine Glass Company

Riedel Wine Glass Company is the leading manufacturer of high-end wine vessels (both decanters and wine glasses). The company is based on tradition, innovation and knowledge. Riedel makes high-quality stemware that is also beautiful works of art. I have put together a three-advertisement campaign to showcase Riedel’s Wine series.

Food & Wine magazine would be the ideal publication for this campaign because the readers of F&W are the exact target audience we would want to reach. The readers tend to enjoy entertaining, trying new food and wine, are stylish, up-to-date with current trends and enjoy the finer things in life.

This campaign would be successful for because the copy gives the reader a little more insight into the world of wine (whether it is choosing the glass, corkage and decanting, or tasting wine) and the illustrations speak to both the quality and artistry of the product.

Tools Utilized:

  • Illustrator CS6